General knowledge 9

From the quiz on 21/10/14.

  1. Which volcano erupted and destroyed Pompeii in 79 AD? Vesuvius

  2. Which US city is home to professional sports teams called Dodgers, Lakers, Kings and Galaxy? Los Angeles

  3. In fashion parlance, what is an LBD? Little black dress

  4. Which liqueur must be added to Scotch to make a Rusty Nail cocktail? Drambuie

  5. Which country observes National Sorry Day on the 26th of May each year? Australia

  6. Which organ of the human body produces bile, and in which organ is this bile stored? Liver (produced), gallbladder (stored)

  7. What is the highest rank in the Royal Navy? Admiral (of the Fleet)

  8. The expressions “sour grapes”, “cry wolf” and “lion’s share” all have their origins in works by which ancient Greek storyteller? Aesop

  9. In bookmakers’ slang, how much is a monkey? £500

  10. Which four British railway stations are the only ones that end with the word “Spa”? Bath Spa, Cheltenham Spa, Droitwich Spa, Leamington Spa


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