General knowledge 12

From the quiz on 2/12/14.

  1. What is the common name for the larynx? Voice box

  2. In Greek mythology, who slew the gorgon Medusa? Perseus

  3. Which golf course hosts the US Masters? Augusta National

  4. Which cocktail is made from vodka, ginger beer and lime juice? Moscow mule

  5. Which classic novel is subtitled “The Modern Prometheus”? Frankenstein

  6. What is the English equivalent of the French name Guillaume? William

  7. In colloquial North American English, what is a John Hancock? Signature

  8. Which musical features the songs Younger Than Springtime and I’m Gonna Wash That Man Right Outa My Hair? South Pacific

  9. Which single English word can mean “to tell a joke”, “very skilful” or “an attempt”? Crack

  10. How many questions is the Leader of the Opposition entitled to ask during each session of Prime Minister’s Questions? 6


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