General knowledge 11

From the quiz on 25/11/14.

  1. Who was the last Tudor monarch? Elizabeth I

  2. Which river flows through the Grand Canyon? Colorado

  3. Which comedian has had tours entitled Bewilderness, Part Troll, Tinselworm and Dandelion Mind? Bill Bailey

  4. Which Australian horse race is popularly known as “the race that stops a nation”? Melbourne Cup

  5. Never knowingly undersold” is the slogan and guiding principle of which company? John Lewis (Partnership)

  6. In Teletubbies, what is the name of the vacuum cleaner? Noo-noo

  7. Which singer was shot dead by his own father on April 1, 1984? Marvin Gaye

  8. Mirror Force, Magic Cylinder and Spellbinding Circle are trap cards in which collectible card game? Yu-Gi-Oh!

  9. What is Sylvia Plath’s only complete novel? The Bell Jar

  10. In legal terms, what has an intestate person not done? Made a will


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