Food & drink 4

From the quiz on 25/11/14.

  1. Medjool and Deglet Noor are cultivars of which fruit? Date

  2. Which food product was originally called Johnston’s Fluid Beef? Bovril

  3. From which English county do hevva cake, stargazy pie and yarg originate? Cornwall

  4. In North America, what accompanies a dessert served “à la mode”? Ice cream

  5. With which (hybrid) species of orange is Earl Grey tea flavoured? Bergamot

  6. Which species of wheat, with a name meaning “hard” in Latin, is used to make pasta? Durum

  7. Which vegetable is the main ingredient in the Russian soup shchi? Cabbage

  8. Which herbal liqueur is mixed with brandy to make a B&B? Bénédictine

  9. In which small circular dish, generally with a fluted exterior, are soufflés traditionally baked? Ramekin

  10. In which country is the city of Plzeň ([ˈpl̩.zɛɲ]), after which Pilsner lager is named? Czech Republic


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