Food & drink 2

From the quiz on 7/10/14.

  1. Which elemental gas is used to give Guinness its trademark creamy head? Nitrogen

  2. Which vegetable is the main ingredient in the Russian soup borscht? Beetroot

  3. Blue ruin” and “mother’s ruin” are slang terms for which alcoholic drink? Gin

  4. Which fruit is also known as an alligator pear? Avocado

  5. Which cocktail is made from tequila, triple sec and lime juice? Margarita

  6. Which curry takes its name from the Portuguese for “wine of garlic”? Vindaloo

  7. Which soft drink was invented by Charles Alderton in 1885? Dr Pepper

  8. Which nut is used to make pesto? Pine nut

  9. Which chocolate bar was originally known as Rowntree’s Chocolate Crisp? Kit Kat

  10. How many standard bottles of wine does a Jeroboam, or double magnum, hold? 4

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