General knowledge 4

From the quiz on 4/11/14.

  1. Which queen is depicted on the Penny Black postage stamp? Queen Victoria

  2. In snooker, how many points is the brown ball worth? 4

  3. Which US newspaper is nicknamed The Gray Lady? New York Times

  4. Who succeeded Michael Foot as leader of the Labour Party? Neil Kinnock

  5. In Friends, what is Joey’s surname? Tribbiani

  6. In Greek mythology, who is the goddess of the Earth? Gaia

  7. Which American singer had a backing band called The Pips? Gladys Knight

  8. Which French philosopher wrote “hell is other people” in his 1944 play No Exit? (Jean-Paul) Sartre

  9. In the phrase “fire and brimstone”, what exactly is brimstone? Sulphur

  10. Which is the longest British motorway? M6


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