Entertainment 1

From the quiz on 16/9/14.

  1. In which Berkshire town is The Office set? Slough

  2. Who plays Private Ryan in Saving Private Ryan? Matt Damon

  3. Which Disney film features the songs Just Around the Riverbend and Colors of the Wind? Pocahontas

  4. In the Star Wars universe, what does the TIE in TIE fighter stand for? Twin ion engine(s)

  5. What is the name of Donkey Kong’s girlfriend? Candy Kong

  6. Which cleaning product is advertised by Barry Scott? Cillit Bang

  7. In EastEnders, what relation is Pauline Fowler to Ian Beale? Aunt

  8. Which TV series follows the exploits of Howard Moon and Vince Noir? The Mighty Boosh

  9. What colour is Mr Bean’s (regular) Mini? Yellow

  10. In Bob the Builder, what is the name of the cement mixer? Dizzy


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