Greetings! My name is Dorian, and this is where I post the questions I write for each week’s Bath Brew House quiz (every Tuesday at 19:30). Details of each week’s split-specialist People’s Choice round are posted on the Bath Brew House quiz group on Facebook and my personal Twitter account.

As of August 2016 I’m in Japan, but I’m still writing the questions.

Answers are in white-on-white after each question; highlight to reveal them. I’m in the process of embedding the music and images.

Specialist: Batman

From the quiz on 27/6/17.

  1. What is the name of Batman’s butler? Alfred Pennyworth

  2. Who stars as Robin alongside Adam West’s Batman in the 1960s Batman TV series, the 1966 live-action film and the 2016 animated film Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders? Burt Ward

  3. What is the title of the third video game in the Batman: Arkham series, following Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, but preceding Arkham Knight? Arkham Origins

  4. Which Batman villain is played by wrestler Robert Swenson in Batman & Robin and by Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises? Bane

  5. What is the name of the petty criminal who mugs and kills Bruce Wayne’s parents, thereby inspiring him to fight crime as Batman? Joe Chill

Specialist: West Side Story

From the quiz on 27/6/17. Download the audio for Q3 here.

  1. The Sharks are a gang from which US territory? Puerto Rico

  2. Which character duets with Maria on the songs A Boy Like That/I Have a Love? Anita

  3. **What is the title of this song, and which character sings it? Something’s Coming; sung by Tony

  4. Which American actress plays Maria in the 1961 film adaptation of West Side Story? Natalie Wood

  5. The fight that ultimately results in the deaths of both Riff and Bernardo begins as a fight between Bernardo and which member of the Jets? Diesel (original stage) or Ice (1961 film)

Trivia snake 35

From the quiz on 27/6/17.

  1. Which website’s logo depicts the first letter shining a spotlight on the others, all above the slogan “Rumor has it”? Snopes

  2. Comic-Con, the international convention originally known as the Golden State Comic-Con, has been held annually since 1970 in which US city? San Diego

  3. Lotsa Luck was the American adaptation of which ITV sitcom starring Reg Varney? On the Buses

  4. In Hinduism, the Tridevi is a triad of goddesses consisting of Lakshmi, Parvati and which goddess of knowledge, music and the arts? Saraswati (also spelt Sarasvati)

  5. What one-word title is shared by studio albums by Five, Lemar and Michael Jackson as well as singles by Pat Benatar, Tinie Tempah and Muse? Invincible

  6. Which British city hosted the Commonwealth Games in both 1970 and 1986 as well as the inaugural Commonwealth Youth Games in 2000? Edinburgh

  7. Which European country’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites include the centre of its capital city, Hortobágy National Park, an early Christian necropolis in Pécs and the Benedictine Archabbey of Pannonhalma? Hungary

  8. On Ordnance Survey maps, what type of establishment is indicated by a solid pink–red triangle? Youth hostel

  9. In the British Army, which rank comes between major-general and general? Lieutenant-general

  10. The bands Utah Saints, alt-J, Scritti Politti, The Sisters of Mercy and Kaiser Chiefs all come from which British city? Leeds

Geography 41

From the quiz on 27/6/17.

  1. Which animal species appears on the state flag of California? Grizzly bear

  2. What is the capital of the Italian island of Sicily? Palermo

  3. In which South American country are Angel Falls, the highest (uninterrupted) waterfall in the world? Venezuela

  4. The New Walk Museum and Art Gallery, Abbey Pumping Station and National Space Centre are tourist attractions in which English city? Leicester

  5. Which country’s Euro coins depict, amongst others, the capital’s Secession Building, Belvedere Palace, St Stephen’s Cathedral, primroses and a gentian? Austria

  6. Lake Assal, the lowest point in Africa and the third-lowest on Earth, is located in which African country? Djibouti

  7. The seismically- and volcanically-active Mid-Atlantic Ridge runs through the centre of which island country? Iceland

  8. Which Polynesian country’s national flag consists of a red field with a white canton charged with a red Greek cross? Tonga

  9. The Kuril Islands are an archipelago situated between, and territorially disputed by, which two countries? Japan and Russia

  10. In which London borough are the British Library, British Museum, Great Ormond Street Hospital, St Pancras station, Euston station and the main campus of University College London? Camden

Musical excerpts 135

From the quiz on 27/6/17. Download here.

  1. Adele – Rolling in the Deep
  2. Barry Manilow – Copacabana
  3. Ed Sheeran – The A Team
  4. Barbra Streisand – Woman in Love
  5. Kosheen – Hide U
  6. Blue Mink – Melting Pot
  7. Galantis – Runaway (U & I)
  8. Lionel Richie – Hello
  9. Blur – Coffee & TV
  10. Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms

Entertainment 59

From the quiz on 27/6/17. Download the audio for Q5 here.

  1. In the TV series Bewitched, what body part does Samantha wiggle to cast magic? Nose

  2. In which country do the films Three Kings, Green Zone, Redacted and The Hurt Locker take place? Iraq

  3. Firepower, Black Knight, Pin-Bot, Tales of the Arabian Nights, White Water and No Good Gofers are notable pinball machines produced by which American company? Williams

  4. The youngest ever winner of an Academy Award is Tatum O’Neal, who, aged just 10, received a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for which 1973 film? Paper Moon

  5. **This is the music from the first level of the first game in which long-running series of Nintendo platform games? Kirby

  6. Which American actor’s many film roles include the title character in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, David Lightman in WarGames, the title character in The Tale of Despereaux and Leo Bloom in The Producers (2005)? Matthew Broderick

  7. Which three British comedians make up the comedy troupe The Goodies? Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden, Bill Oddie

  8. Which Englishman presents the CBBC show Horrible Histories: Gory Games and narrates Come Dine with Me? Dave Lamb

  9. The Unknown Girl, The Son, The Kid with a Bike, Lorna’s Silence, The Child, Rosetta and Two Days, One Night are among the many films directed, written and produced by which Belgian brothers? Dardenne brothers

  10. As of 2016, which TV programme has won (45) and been nominated for (199) the most Emmy Awards? Saturday Night Live

General knowledge 135

From the quiz on 27/6/17.

  1. In which country is Guantánamo Bay? Cuba

  2. Which percussion instrument takes its name from the Greek for “wood” and “sound”? Xylophone

  3. The VR headset known as Vive was developed by Valve Corporation and which Taiwanese company? HTC

  4. In music, what fraction of a whole note is a hemidemisemiquaver? 1/64

  5. Which finger is known in Finnish, Hindi, Lithuanian, Russian and Mandarin by phrases that literally translate as “nameless finger”? Ring finger

  6. The uncommon word ‘petrichor’ refers to a pleasant earthy smell that frequently accompanies which weather? Rain

  7. Troupes of colourful dancers known as gombeys are a traditional symbol of which British Overseas Territory? Bermuda

  8. What first name was shared by Marco Polo’s father, the political writer Machiavelli and the composer Paganini? Niccolò

  9. In which year did Johnny Depp make his feature-film début in A Nightmare on Elm Street, Brunei become independent from the UK, and Marvin Gaye, Indira Gandhi and Tommy Cooper all die? 1984

  10. What animal were Lady Wonder (who was allegedly psychic), Beautiful Jim Key and Clever Hans (both of whom could allegedly read, write and perform arithmetic)? Horse