Greetings! My name is Dorian, and this blog is home to every question I wrote for the weekly Bath Brew House quiz until my retirement on 12th September 2017.

The quiz is still going strong, however! Come along every Tuesday at 19:30 and test your brainpower. Details of each week’s split-specialist People’s Choice round can be found on the Bath Brew House quiz Facebook group.

Answers are in white-on-white after each question; highlight to reveal them.


Specialist: the Bath Brew House quiz

From the quiz on 12/9/17.

  1. In September of which year did the Bath Brew House quiz begin? 2014

  2. Order these regular rounds by total appearances at the Bath Brew House quiz (as of September 2017): Food & drink, Connections, Entertainment, Trivia snake E (65) > F&D (45) > TS (38) > C (15)

  3. What was the original second-place prize, which was eventually replaced by the chicken dinner? Keg of beer

  4. How many people participated in the Bath Brew House quiz on 16th February 2016, setting an attendance record that stands to this day? 147

  5. What is the answer to the very first question asked at the Bath Brew House quiz?: “In The Beano, what is the name of Dennis the Menace’s pet pig?” Rasher


Specialist: Danny DeVito

From the quiz on 12/9/17.

  1. Which villain does Danny DeVito play in Tim Burton’s 1992 film Batman Returns? The Penguin

  2. Danny DeVito played Martini in the 1971 off-Broadway revival of which 1963 play, before reprising his role in the 1975 film adaptation of the same title? One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

  3. Rhea Perlman, to whom Danny DeVito was married from 1982 to 2017, rose to fame playing waitress Carla Tortelli on which American sitcom of the 80s and early 90s? Cheers

  4. What is the full name of the satyr voiced by Danny DeVito in the 1997 Disney film Hercules? Philoctetes

  5. Which fellow American actor was Danny DeVito’s roommate in New York in the 1960s and has since collaborated with him on a number of films, beginning with Romancing the Stone in 1984? Michael Douglas


Connections 15

From the quiz on 12/9/17.

  1. Which fictional American private investigator is a Vietnam War veteran and former Navy SEAL, drives a Ferrari 308 GTS, and has a daughter named Lily Catherine Hue by his ex-wife Michelle? Thomas Magnum (Magnum, P.I.)

  2. Celtic, Greek, Latin, Maltese, Occitan and Syriac are all variants of which common symbol? Cross

  3. The English words gherkin, cookie and roster were all imported into English directly from which European language? Dutch

  4. What surname is shared by a mortal enemy of the A-Team, an American former middle-distance runner, the lead singer of the band T’Pau and an American model who made her feature-film début in Just Go with It (2011)? Decker

  5. What connects the answers to questions 1–4? May be preceded by ‘double’

  6. Matchmaker, Matchmaker and If I Were a Rich Man are songs from which 1964 Bock and Harnick musical set in Imperial Russia? Fiddler on the Roof

  7. Which English chemist and author wrote a series of eleven novels entitled Strangers and Brothers, which includes The Masters and Corridors of Power? C. P. Snow

  8. Which headland in Kent, home to two nuclear power stations, is the largest single expanse of shingle in Europe? Dungeness

  9. The word ‘copra’ refers to the dried kernels of which fruit, which are predominantly used to extract a prized oil? Coconut

  10. What connects the answers to questions 6–9? Types of crab


History 43

From the quiz on 12/9/17.

  1. During his inauguration as 35th US President, who famously stated “ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”? John F. Kennedy

  2. After an eight-year civil war that ended in 1975, which country was taken over by the despotic Khmer Rouge and renamed Democratic Kampuchea? Cambodia

  3. What colour links coats worn by British soldiers (especially during the American War of Independence), caps worn by supporters of the French Revolution and shirts worn by followers of Italian revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi? Red

  4. Which British king had 15 children by his wife Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz and assembled the so-called King’s Library, a collection of some 65,000 books that would later form the nucleus of the library at the British Museum? George III

  5. While hiding out in a farmhouse after stealing over £2.5 million, the Great Train Robbers used the money to play which board game, which was eventually used as fingerprint evidence in court? Monopoly


Geography 45

From the quiz on 12/9/17.

  1. What symbol appears on the national flags of Kiribati, Malawi, Rwanda, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uruguay and Argentina? Sun

  2. Which continent is the only one that lies in all four hemispheres (Northern, Southern, Western and Eastern)? Africa

  3. Malaita, Makira, Santa Isabel, New Georgia, Choiseul and Guadalcanal are the six main islands of which country in the South Pacific? Solomon Islands

  4. The point 0°N 0°W, where the equator intersects the prime meridian, lies in which gulf of the Atlantic Ocean? Gulf of Guinea

  5. In which European country is the small village of Fucking, which is a popular destination for both English-speaking tourists and sign thieves? Austria


Sport & games 44

From the quiz on 12/9/17.

  1. Which of the four tennis majors is held first each year, usually in late January? Australian Open

  2. In which sport is play restarted by the referee calling “crouch, bind, set”? Rugby union

  3. In 2014, which Norwegian chess grandmaster, who is the current (2016) world champion, reached a record Elo rating of 2882, finally surpassing Garry Kasparov’s peak of 2851? Magnus Carlsen

  4. The very first Olympic torch relay was performed as part of which Olympic games (city and year)? Berlin 1936

  5. In 2002, in which African country’s top-flight THB Champions League did AS Adema defeat SO l’Emyrne 149–0 to claim the Guinness World Record for the highest scoreline in professional football? Madagascar